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Campaign for Real Ale

Pubs Code Adjudicator (PCA) user research project

Wednesday 12 August 2020

For tied landlords: The PCA User Research Project – background

The PCA has commissioned the user research project to develop a thorough understanding of the most effective communication channels for pub tenants and the barriers to information sharing that currently exist in relation to the Pubs Code.

The PCA wants to understand the best way to interact with tenants who come under the Code, and how they can make improvements in communications.

We know that some tenants are still not properly aware of their rights under the Pubs Code, and that there have been significant barriers to successful communication between the PCA and tied tenants.

This project is especially important because it is a piece of independently commissioned research from which a report that makes recommendations for improvement will be made – therefore it’s really important that we get as many tied tenants involved and making their views known.

The project will run from 24 August until 4 October.

A link to the online survey and other ways that publicans can register their interest to take part is here: >/p>