Here is the latest news from our branch area (and sometimes from further afield!).

  • Glamorgan, Cherry Orchard Road Friday 1 February 2019

    Local CAMRA members are strongly encouraged to support this campaign.

    Next meeting is on Wednesday 10 April 2019 at 7pm in the town hall.

    UPDATE 31 January 2019: A further meeting took place at Croydon Town Hall on 30 January. There was little change since the last meeting - concerns were again raised about the complete intransigence of the owners and the seeming lack of concern about the squatters who are still occupying the building, and who, it transpires, are there with the owners' consent.

    Although in the past the owners have responded (but have failed to answer any of our 18 questions), now they are ignoring us totally. It is very clear that they have no knowledge of, or respect for, the local community and do not have even a basic understanding of pubs.

    Given the ongoing concerns about the damage to the View, South Croydon, (please see Croydon Advertiser article: Croydon Advertiser article: The View, South Croydon) we have written to the planning department pointing out our concerns about the owners' guardianship of the property.

    Interested parties are progressing initial enquiries with regard to a valuation of the pub.

    A Facebook page has been set up Save the Glamorgan Facebook page.

    The group is also on Twitter:

    From this: to this...

    The Glamorgan, now boarded up, future uncertain. Lead removed from top of roof.

    Croydon planning register: Croydon Planning Register - Simple Search

  • New real ale outlet in Selsdon Thursday 24 January 2019

    Good to see a new real outlet in Selsdon - the Golden Ark, 186 Addington Road, CR2 8LB.

    Golden Ark

  • 2019 Beer Festival Monday 7 January 2019

    Preparations are progressing for our beer festival which will run from Thursday 7 to Saturday 9 February. Please see Beer Festival page for more details.